Serene Wood Box

Feels streamlined and sleek — a trim form factor, built to nestle neatly.

Enjoy the traditional comfort of a log fire with the benefit of sustained burn technology, heating your home to a pleasant, even temperature. Feel more fire power from each piece of wood.


  • 928H × 501W × 613D
  • 145kg
  • ULEB Approved
  • All Zones Clean Air Approval
  • Ash Hearth Floor Protector
  • 400mm Max. Log Length
  • Up to 6 Logs
  • 8.5 kW – 6.2 kW Average Heat Output
  • 2.38 kg/h – 1.65 kg/h Fuel Consumption Rate
  • 63.8% – 67.9% Room Heating Efficiency

The Serene requires no electrical installation, no additional
components and no complex operating requirements.