Viking Ag Image

Viking AG

Adding to our new range of European styled woodfires, we introduce the Viking.

Underneath this sleek modern exterior lies the tried and tested beating heart of a Lady Kitchener engine. Years of proven performance and outstanding efficiency now captured in a stylish design fit for the 21st century home. Add our efficient hot water heater and save on your power bill.


  • Suitable for large homes over 150 square metres
  • ECan and MFE approved (AG Only)
  • 23kw max heat output (Rural)
  • Decorative steel top covering cast iron platesMulti purpose drawer
  • 10 year warranty

AG = Air Guard – ECan approved for air sheds rated 1.0g/kg emissions or less.
RU = Rural – Suitable for properties over 2 hectares and not restricted by clean air regulations.
Urban = MFE approved for air sheds rated for 1.5g/kg emissions.