Feels simple and elegant.
Ideal for any Kiwi home.

Simplicity is the key and the Kanaku achieves ultra clean burning without the need for fans, or other types of systems which require special operational methods or additional maintenance.


  • 699H × 502W × 473D
  • 100kg
  • ULEB Approved
  • All Zones Clean Air Approval
  • Ash Hearth Floor Protector
  • 350mm Max. Log Length
  • Up to 3 logs
  • 7.7 kW – 8.1 kW* Average Heat Output
  • 2.0 kg/h – 1.8 kg/h Fuel Consumption Rate
  • 69.0% – 79.0% Room Heating Efficiency

The Kanaku requires no electrical installation, no additional
components and no complex operating requirements.